The Chronicles of Ashzaria

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A Series of Sci-Fi/Fantasy Stories by Erin Crocker

“Forgive me, name’s Saros,” he introduced himself immediately offering his hand to Mira.

She held hers out to shake, but jumped when he took it to his lips and the burning returned to the bottom of her stomach, causing her insides to unthread as it twisted through her body. “I- I’m—”

“Amiralina. I know.” His chilling eyes glistened brighter than they had earlier.

“No, just Mira,” she corrected. “It’s not short for anything.” Coffeeton, Kansas was a small community that prided itself on a specific level of intimacy among the residents. Logic insisted she should be one-hundred-percent positive she’d never met Saros. Intuition told her otherwise.

“It used to be,” he responded with near incoherence.

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