Navy blue boxes of processed macaroni and cheese

at the grocery store. Black SUVs parking in

make believe driveways. A highlighted forest of

reverse bobs. Attack out of monstrous boredom.

Greyish- white snow,


“I was so busy,” speaks the diplomatic,

suburban headlines. Read past the

fictitious smiles with which the lies of

hell cannot compete. With the façade of

shining barbeque grills on Labor Day.

Hatred camouflaged as soaked olives

in putridly mixed martinis.

Once upon a time in suburbia,

I longed to join them as they would masquerade,

Frankenstein becomes a Countess.

Glistening golden glitter,

resting by green and black

garbage containers, left by the curb,

on counterfeit Sunday evenings.

(** Still under construction, don’t hate too much!!)