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The first installment of Erin Crocker’s NEW Series of Sci-Fi/Fantasy Stories

“Forgive me, name’s Saros,” he introduced himself immediately offering his hand to Mira.

She held hers out to shake, but jumped when he took it to his lips and the burning returned to the bottom of her stomach, causing her insides to unthread as it twisted through her body. “I- I’m—”

“Amiralina. I know.” His chilling eyes glistened brighter than they had earlier.

“No, just Mira,” she corrected. “It’s not short for anything.” Coffeeton, Kansas was a small community that prided itself on a specific level of intimacy among the residents. Logic insisted she should be one-hundred-percent positive she’d never met Saros. Intuition told her otherwise.

“It used to be,” he responded with near incoherence.



Why on earth would I attach a photo of this bandstand in my post about an upcoming sci-fi sequel?

Spoiler Alert: Because apart from its conspiracy based, scifi, love mumbo jumbo (Just kidding, not really mumbo jumbo. Unless you don’t like sci-fi, or romance, or reading in general. If that’s the case, wth are you reading this? Just sayin’)  a significant portion of the new novel “Menoetius” known to my autocorrect as Mennonites, takes place in my hometown. El Dorado Springs and while each new character introduced is purely fiction, many of the places are not.

More specifically, one of my favorite aspects of the small community, the city band. Shout out if the fact a tiny town still exists who has an actual bandstand with a band that preforms on weekends during the summer just caused you to fact check me to make sure it’s for real life. No joke! gnarly huh?  I thought so.

Anyhow, enough rambling… this is my attempt to keep the two people following this blog ‘in the know’… It’s officially here… my not-so-epic-i’m-a-writer-not-a-cinematographer-derived Book Trailer.

(Look at that… if you click the words “book trailer” it should go to YouTube and pull up the book trailer.) If it doesn’t, shout out and I promise to work with diligence to ensure the link goes up.

And feel free to share because if you haven’t noticed the chaos of my website, I’m going to let you in on a secret: I’m new at all this and word of mouth helps out tremendously. So, if you’re dropping a message in a bottle or getting ready to send a smoke signal to some friends, drop a few lines about “Synchronicity” and its upcoming sequel “Menoetius”!

Until Later…




Hey folks!

I first would like to apologize. I am terrible at keeping my blog updated with new info, and I’d blame it on the day I ran out of tin foil and spent the next month being chased by aliens from outer space who turned out to be Shemar Moore lookalikes who mesmerized me and caused me to temporarily lose my remaining threads of sanity. But that’s just making excuses which never did anyone any good.

If you didn’t know, “Synchronicty” is out. Woohoo! I’m creating a link… I think.. Try clicking here to check it out.

Did you click? Oh, sorry, yeah… right back there… two sentences ago, last paragraph. That’s the link to view it on Amazon. I’ve even managed to get a few pretty groovy reviews. Not even kidding, I’m digging the feedback and an equal mix of humbled and flattered that my little ‘ol book is getting read. Very cool!

I am currently working on a sequel to “Synchronicty” entitled “Menoetius” (Side note: Autocorrect tried to change it to Mennonites. Not that I have a problem with Mennonites, but I’m not sure they’d fit well in my telepathic-conspiracy driven-young adult- scifi-romance- thriller. We’ll see…

Stay tuned, I’ll be posting a YouTube link to the first trailer to “Menoetius”.

In the meanwhile, KNOW THIS… I Love The Support. I Love the emails and kind words.

Thank You ALL!



I never would have believed that an innocent writing exercise would turn in to a full-length sci-fi, paranormal, sorta smutty…but not too smutty novel. I’m a few months from publishing and have decided to go the indie route. I am happy, but overwhelmed with this decision, but I believe it will work out fantastically. So, sit back, and enjoy…maybe have a good laugh or two, and enjoy the updates about my debut novel, “Synchronicity”.