I’m excited to announce that this week’s “Forbidden” character interview is with Bridgette Dawning!

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This evening we are fortunate to have Bernadette Withermoore with us to answer a few questions from our friends!

Fun fact about Bernadette–her original last name was Witherstock, but it sounded too much like Colstock and was changed during the final edits.

So, without further commentary, let’s welcome Bernadette.

E: Welcome, Bernadette. Last week we had a name discrepancy. Is it okay if I label you as “B”?

B: Well, I am not one for labels, as you would say. However, I suppose. Let’s just get on with it. For Pete’s sake it’s hours past my bedtime, and the snacks ran out ages ago.

E: I certainly apologize for that. I will try to make this brief for you. So, let’s begin with our first question. Samantha asks, “What’s your favorite color and why?”

B: Bright yellow, like light. I think some of us, and I am not referring to anyone specific, you know some people might think I would be talking about our “dear” Reverend Colstock. Gossip? Me? Never…But there’s something about light, a real truth to it. A bit of truth never hurt anyone. Right dear?…Of course, some people might beg to differ.

E: I’m not sure that’s an answer, but I guess…Question number two is from Donise Sheppard, who also happens to be an author. Isn’t that exciting? She wants to know if this is how you thought your life would go.

B: Excited? Me? I suppose if she writes those erotic novels, I reckon I would blush a wee bit.

E: I’m not sure that’s the genre she writes.

B: Well.

E: And the question?

B: What question?

E: Is this how you thought your life would go?

B: No, I never quite learned how to sew.

E: Oh, no…Is this how you thought your life would go? Go.

B: Where did my knife go? I suppose if I’d had one, perhaps that girl wouldn’t have been killed. But it wasn’t meant to be, perhaps. Does that clear things up?

E: Not exactly but we can move on to question three. This is from Marianne. She wants to know what is the most heinous sin you have ever committed?

B: My sister was committed. Yeah, it was in Towne Greene. Of course, I was but a wee thing, and the community there, well they accepted our lineage. Mother taught us as little things to heal with herbs and oils. Her mother taught her and so on. Our ancestors migrated to Paradise Grove. They suspected the Colstock family of being corrupt. Our family and dear friends followed this leader far away. I believe my family thought they could save the rest of the citizens.

E: Oh, that’s interesting. I’m not sure that was the tone of the question but good to know, nonetheless. We have one more question.

B: Good. Well, I mean. Let’s hear it.

E: SFP74 asks: How do you feel about the sentence of death for those with the Jezebelian Spirit?

B: “Jezebelian Spirit” hogwash. Just like that dadgum “Sickness” the Colstock family raves and rants about. A reason to judge and punish those as a deflection of their own weaknesses. What we need is for our “leader” to tell the truth. It’s why I went after that young girl. I’d do it again if I had a chance.

E: Well, that’s all of our questions for tonight. We really appreciate you staying late to answer them. It’s also time to pick a gift card winner. Did you have a favorite question?

B: I liked the one about being committed. It brought up a lot of old family memories.

E: Once again, thank you for stopping by and taking time out of your busy afterlife.

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Thank You for Reading!

Forbidden Ebook Cover

I’m excited to announce next Monday’s character interview for “Forbidden“.

While it might seem that Bernadette Withermoore has a menial role throughout the story, the meaning behind this character is quite significant. I won’t go into interpretations in this particular post but want to make a note that she is not to be overlooked.

Therefore, Monday’s character interview will be with Bernadette. Feel free to comment with questions, because like last week, one question will win a $5 Amazon E-gift card! How exciting is that!

Stay tuned on Monday for Bernadette’s interview, and please leave a question in the comment section!


I get so excited when my characters agree to interviews. I am glad to introduce the first interview in a series of interviews with questions asked directly by readers and answered by the characters of “Forbidden“, my newest novella.

Today, we will be hearing answers from Reverend Elijah Colstock, and at the end of his interview, he will be selecting one question that wins a $5 Amazon Gift Card (woohoo!). Throughout the interview, I will be listed as “E” and Colstock will be referred to as “C”. So, without further adieu, we bring you week one of character interviews.

E: Welcome to my blog, Colstock.

C: *Clears throat*. “C”?

E: Is that not okay?

C: Lest you forget, I am a pastor. Therefore, “PC” is appropriate.

E: “PC”? Well..umm, okay. Let’s not begin on bad footing. “PC”, how’s that?

PC: It will suffice.

E: We have some fantastic questions today. So, let’s begin with our first one. Samantha Ann Leigh asks, “What is your greatest fear?”

PC: The Bible says “Fear Not” approximately 365 times. I do not have fears, for stand, do I, devout in the Lord. Why, the Lord is speaking to me right now. He says, ‘Colstock, thou hast no fear.’ What an affirmation. What a joyous interlude.

E: Well then…continuing. Melissa Sell would like to know, “What is your least favorite Bible passage?”

PC: Blashpemy, for His word commandeth me in my way, lest I slip and burn in the pit of fire. A righteous man, a leader, such as myself finds no error in the Holy Word of God. It is those who misconstrue his Word, those who believe we should accept others and love other people as though we are on even footing that I find disdain in. For our God is an angry God. We must be in constant prayer and vigilance lest we be deceived by lies.

E: Well, that’s umm, passionate. Cait Marie has three questions for you. I will begin with the first. She asks, “What is your favorite childhood memory?”

PC: My father, the late Josiah Colstock would oft take me to the pulpit, and for a brief time, allow me to stand behind the wooden structure–the alter of our God, open his Bible, and read aloud a verse. It was a rather rare occasion, but as the future leader of Paradise Grove and its prestigious religious establishment, one I treasured more than any other.

E: Mine was painting rocks and selling them to the neighbors…not that anyone cares, but…Anyhoo…Back to our interview with another question from Cait who asks, “If you could be an animal, which would you be and why?”

PC: Well, I have yet to think on this. For these are the thoughts of an idle mind. Who would be an animal? For, it is not I. I was created to be a leader of men, to spread the Lord’s word. A sin, would it be for me to contemplate this question. I shall not walk in the ways and path to hell.

E: Is that an answer, then?

PC: Yes, I believe it is.

E: For your final question, Cait asks, “What is your greatest achievement?”

PC: Is that not obvious? Perhaps it is not. My greatest achievement is leading Paradise Grove in the ways of the Lord. When we bide our time in faith, we do not fall into Satan’s evil hands. I will keep my people safe by listening and translating the word and meaning of God to them and for them. They listen to me in all they do, they trust me, and they obey when I speak.

E: Those are all of the questions I have. I really appreciate you taking the time from your “busy” schedule to come and give us clarity on your thoughts and feelings about the world.

PC: I try to be charitable when it suits me.

E: I’m sure you do. By the way, who is the winner of the gift card?

PC: Those plastic cards of yours will lead to your demise. Hear me now, they are the ways of sin. Nevertheless, I abstain from judgement and pick Cait Marie who was astute enough to ask of my accomplishments.

Well, there you all have it. Pastor Elijah Colstock in the first of a series of interviews from characters of “Forbidden“.

Congrats Cait Marie on winning! I will be contacting your soon in regards to your gift card.

Stay tuned, I will be announcing next week’s character on Wednesday!! 


Forbidden Ebook CoverWell, I can say that I was anxious but excited to release “Forbidden“, as with any novel I publish. “Forbidden” is an allegory, it’s dark. Don’t expect to like the characters; don’t expect to even “get to know” the characters too well.

What I enjoyed most about writing this piece was the challenge of creating a story that a reader can take at face value or that he/she can choose to read into. “Forbidden” has the ability to be as dimensional as one might want to make it. Every word, every stylistic choice, even down to the back cover is a commentary.

With that said, I am excited to announce that I will be trying something new on my blog by releasing character interviews. I think this experiment will be entertaining and rewarding, overall positive.

Monday I will be publishing an interview by Reverend Elijah Colstock. So, feel free to drop questions for him in the comment section of this post. You can also leave a website or social media in the comment and I will link your name to it; that is optional, however.

Reverend Colstock will be selecting one person who asks a question to win a $5 Amazon E-gift card.

I hope everyone has as much fun reading the interview as Colstock will have answering the questions.

Until Monday,