Childhood, Fragments

My first memory was my dog dragging a dead rat into my bedroom. Mom walked in I played with my limp toy. Its polished eye watched, she scolded the pup. Showered, I sat on dusty carpet and listened; the owl clock above the sink. Her cracked hands washed green dishes while the metal walls of our trailer trickled… Continue Reading

When Good Friends Ruin Movies OnDemand

  I’m taking a short break from poetry. In fact, I should be finishing up the second book in a series that I haven’t bothered publishing yet. This afternoon, I have decided to table my “to-do” list consisting of scraping oatmeal off of the floor with an ice scraper, prying horse riding helmets out from… Continue Reading

Just Hang Up the Phone

It was right before school started. The leaves left a thin layer on the ground. For the first time since I had escaped my 7 years of hell, life was beginning to feel normal (minus the frequent flashbacks and panic attacks I endured on a regular basis). I can remember that it was right before… Continue Reading

Things That Make Me Go– Hmmmm.

Like already being late, as I’ve mentioned before: to get SIX KIDS out of the door and in the car, everything must work as a machine. If one tiny, teensy-weensy, miniscule, itty-bitty (Enough adjectives– you get the point) thing goes wrong, everything falls apart like those domino structures we used to make as kids, uhm, before… Continue Reading

My Apology

This morning between the struggle to find socks that fit my kids and arguing with them about wearing shorts in 50 degree weather, I came to an important executive decision. Internally, a raging debate had commenced and I knew that soon I would need to come to a crucial decision: I chose Coke over Pepsi… Continue Reading