Editing/Writing Services

Line/Content Editing:

Erin is currently taking on free-lance editing work for full-length novels, short stores, and contest pieces. As an assistant editor for FunDead Publications and an independently published author, Erin looks forward to offering her experience in the field of editing.

Erin’s editing style takes into account the author’s unique voice and works hard to make grammatical and content changes to each piece of writing while placing direct focus on maintaining the work’s vocal integrity.

Editing rates are on a case by case basis and vary by piece. For inquiries please send an email, and Erin will respond at her earliest convenience.


Entombed in Verse”  (Assistant Editing)

One Night in Salem”  (Assistant Editing)


Nothing’s Ever Promised” T.C. Morgan


Removing Writing Blocks/ Creative Writing Coaching:

From time to time almost every writer endures creative writing blocks. This can be due to many reasons–energetic blocks, limiting thoughts and beliefs, or habits and lifestyle. Erin intuitively works with each writer on an individual basis to seek out the root of the problem and remove it. Therefore, each session is custom designed to the individual, not a large group or online class.

Consultations are free and services begin at only $10!

For more information or a consultation Send an email to Erin.