Online Creative Writing Workshops


We all have a story, and somewhere within that story we find our own unique voices and a sense of personal empowerment as we build our worlds.

Perhaps you don’t know where to begin your creative work or suffering from writer’s block. Maybe you’re trying to prepare a short story or poem for a contest or online print.

Award-Winning author Erin Crocker is now offering creative writing workshops held through Skype video or audio chat.

Each thirty minute session is only $30 $25 and you can book multiple sessions if you’d like.

How do I pay for my session?

Simply sign up here and then PayPal your payment to Unfortunately cancellations are not available at this time; however, if you must cancel a session, you can reschedule at a different time and date at no cost.

How can I best prepare for my session?

Before your workshop begins, Erin will email you a questionnaire to fill out. You will also be able to attach a current piece you’re working on for submission or a part in your current novel where you’re struggling (up to 15K word count).

Erin will respond with additional inquiries if necessary to ensure you receive as much insight during your session as possible.

What else can Erin cover during a workshop session?

These sessions are not only good for creative writers, students currently taking English classes or struggling with a term paper can also benefit from a thirty minute writing session.

As an author who edits for a horror-based publication company, Erin is willing to address grammar questions and inquiries about traditional publishing versus independent publishing.

While Erin cannot physically market your work, she can help you construct a marketing plan to gain you followers on social media and one-on-one selling.

Whatever your writing issue, Erin will work with you to construct a personalized session.

What writing styles does Erin specialize in?

Erin’s writing specialty is science-fiction and poetry. Although, she holds more publishing credits in the horror genre.

Erin’s poetry gravitates toward contemporary slam and free-verse styles that incorporate heavy metaphor and feminist themes.

Where can I sign up?

To schedule your personal online writing workshop, click here.

Contact Erin