Cocky-Tales Anthology Submissions


I am currently accepting submissions to a brand new anthology entitled “Cocky-Tales”!  Here’s the fine-print details:

Why: Because the ability to copyright/trademark a word to the point no other author can use is at as a title is a detriment and an attack on the creative writing community. It not only impacts romance writers and authors but sets a dangerous precedent for writing as a whole.

What: I always considered myself a novelist with, what I consider to be, few publications in anthologies. However, I feel compelled to pursue the idea of this particular anthology and am reaching out to any other brave authors and writers who would like to join me in this quest. As of now, I am only looking to publish “Cocky-Tales” in ebook format.


–Submissions must be in .doc or .docx format

–12 pt. Times New Roman font

–1,5oo-5,000 Word Count

–Genre: Open but the word “Cocky” must somehow be incorporated in all titles

–Explicit/Graphic content will not be accepted

–Submit up to three poems or short stories


Please submit by Monday, June 4 2018

Payments/Rights/ Etc:  

Upon acceptance, each author will be asked to submit a 4-6 sentence bio.

Each accepted short story will receive $10 and each accepted poem $5 with half paid at the signing of the contract and the other half to be paid within ninety days of publication of “Cocky-Tales”. (In other words, if you submit three poems and all three are accepted, you will receive $7.50 when you return the signed contract and $7.50 within ninety days of publication.) Payment will be made via PayPal. Therefore, author must have a valid PayPal account.

If “Cocky-Tales” goes to print format, each author will be issued two free copies of the anthology and the ability to purchase further copies at a discount.

Authors of all accepted stories will maintain the ability to publish their accepted works elsewhere.

How to Submit: email entries to

subject line “Re: Cocky-Tales Anthology”