Erin, who is currently writing this in third person while scarfing down a tub of gas station nachos, was born in Kansas City, Mo. (At least that’s what they told me…) and later moved to the small town of El Dorado Springs (That’s El Do-RAY-Do), Mo. where she spent most of her life.

In 2007 she moved to Fredericksburg, Va (There’s a story there, right?) and graduated from Germanna Community College with honors. If that wasn’t enough… she decided to enroll in courses at Mary Washington University and earned a Bachelor’s in English, Linguistics, and Communications (but only by a hair because she thought it’d be a good idea to enroll in French her last semester just to learn that while it may be true French and Spanish are both considered romance languages, they are in no way similar) In 2015.

From there, she published her first novel “Synchronicity” and only lost a small portion of hair from stress. Needless to say, Erin is currently working on the companion novel to “Synchronicity” entitled, “Menoetius” coming out August 22 2017.

On a serious note, Erin is also the founder of When She Walked Away. A small, but steadily growing community that places direct emphasis on providing encouragement, information, and support to women and children who have experienced or are experiencing domestic violence.




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