The Dream I Had Of Healing the Inner-Child



For the longest time, I haven’t blogged. And I’m not sure if that’s a necessary statement if, perhaps, you’ve been reading articles from my blog or website. I can’t say for sure as to “why”. If you read my Facebook wall, I have plenty to say. Of that much, you are already aware.

The other day, a good writing buddy, Michael Sutch (I posted a link so that you’d click on it. Hint, Hint…) suggested I start a blog. But…but…I have one. So, here I am beginning, once again, to do just that–start blogging.

I grew up not hearing much about the term “inner-child” and if I did hear it, I didn’t hear it. Maybe it simply wasn’t a good time in my life for it to resonate. But once it did, layers of the past began revisiting me in physical representations of family I thought I’d cut ties with, situations motivated by intentions to bog me down by stirring up stress and fear, and my own personal responses to situations in everyday life that I hadn’t realized were sparked by my lack of interest in my inner-child.

Day by day, as I worked on each aspect of the situation–whether that work came by not feeding energy into the 3D manifestations brought on by family, cutting energetic cords and following through by also cutting those cords in the physical world, and changing my headspace when encountering other situations that would have normally angered me or stressed me out.

As I did these things, layers of old wounds began peeling off. The irony? Each time I thought that I was fully healed, I found an even deeper wound. What a journey?! What a time to take in a deep breath of gratitude and just know that I wouldn’t be given anything that I couldn’t handle.

I learned to trust, mostly in myself and in the Universe, and that, my friends, is an empowering thing to embrace!

Someday, I’ll break that story down a little more because, I’m telling you…it’s been quite a ride! But for now, my primary goal is to post about a dream I had a few nights ago.

I was taken to a room, and I was very aware. Was it the Akashic record? I can’t be certain because mine has always looked different from this particular vision. One of my guides was with me and pointed to a bookcase with shelves lined with pastel colored books–pinks, purples, greens, yellows, and blues.

The most prominent was a light pink book with a heart cut out on the front and lace sewn around it. When this guide communicated with me, he explained that each of the books in front of me held the answers to every question I could ever ask about my childhood, and believe me when I say…years ago, I had many questions. He went on to explain that each book held the Universal aspects of my difficult childhood, the reasons why, what I was there to learn…anything I could ever want clarified.

I took in the baby-powder smell and the glowing softness of each book. Then, I turned to him and responded that I actually had no more loose ends to tie up, no more questions. There was nothing more about my childhood that I felt was unresolved, or painful. And that moment, was so powerful for me…just WOW!

I woke up and took in all the details of that encounter. Was that it? The end of one journey?

I certainly feel like it is. I truly believe that when we no longer have points of confusion, fear, questions, or doubt that we, without a doubt, have healed.

There’s so much incredible light and truth in that experience. I’ve been spending a lot of time meditating on my gratitude for it.

I’m excited to see what journey lies ahead.

Peace and Love Until Next Time,


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