My Apology

Shot taken with a Singh-Ray warming polarizer filter and 2-stop graduated neutral density filter.

This morning between the struggle to find socks that fit my kids and arguing with them about wearing shorts in 50 degree weather, I came to an important executive decision. Internally, a raging debate had commenced and I knew that soon I would need to come to a crucial decision: I chose Coke over Pepsi and while I felt a temporary relief overcome me, I faced yet another significant choice.

Over the weekend I began what I thought to be a quick exercise in voice and POV. But I fell in love, with the deliciously handsome Wesley and the juicy sarcasm of Jane. I have since condensed the series into a .doc file and am revising it; fluffing it, editing, and of course adding to it. I am excited to say that I plan on publishing an e-book which is actually kind of scary considering I have no clue how to actually do this, but then, the floors of my kids’ bedrooms are also quiet frightening. Which reassures me that, even I, can successfully figure out how to publish and e-book.

I am thinking that it would be more cohesive to read in one single form. So, this post is to serve as an apology to all 1 of you out there in the world of WordPress who was following the story. I do hereby promise to bore you with further blog posts containing poetry and rehashes of the odd occurrences of my day.

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