So-So Social: Genuine Conversation is Refreshing


Despite my love of writing, which I do not often have oppurtunities to indulge in as I find myself occupied digging large holes in the sand looking for pirate treasure, being tossed and twirled on carnival rides, and failing miserably at arts and crafts (who could have guessed that “Neon” paint is not the same thing as “Glow- in- the-Dark paint?), I am not what many would consider “social” and have a tendency to be cynical most of the time. In fact, the typical “in person” chat with me can be downright awkward.

In the last article I described the new business that I had begun. I’m not going to lie, I actually have not made money at it yet. I am still ordering business cards and such for times when I am out and about. Per usual, I cannot rely on the Facebook crowd either; consequently this forces my hand. I must be social.

I panic when I know that I have to address strangers in general. Today, however, restored my faith in people and what it means to be truly genuine and candid. I had numerous errands to run because I am the type of gal who waits until the day before a major event (i.e. my oldest daughter’s 12th Birthday party) to buy everything I need. First stop was The Dollar Tree and as we left the store my 10-year old son began fighting with my 7-year old son over $1.00. As the quarrel intensified, I began (in my best growling, motherly voice) to reprimand the two.

At that moment a middle-aged lady getting into her car said,”Oh honey, I had three myself and they are 35, 30, and 28 now. I just lost a Grand-baby two weeks ago.” The lady was nearly in tears so I gave her a big hug and she told me to, “Just keep enjoying those babies, but also keep being firm with them.” She gave my boys another $1.00 (usually I wouldn’t allow it, but letting her do this cheered her up) and went on her way with a smile.

After a grueling, 2-hour montage of Michael’s, The Sweet Factory, Party City, and Home Depot (don’t ask), guess where we found ourselves; Wal-Mart.

Were you really that surprised?

While in the parking lot, one of my sons began to run through the spaces as a lady driving a green Expedition pulled in. I hollered at my son to stop and the lady also stopped. When she exited her car she came up saying, “I saw him, I was stopping.” I told her I had saw that but was afraid my son would just keep going. She continued,”I had little ones myself. Not as many as this though, they can’t possible be all yours.” When I told her that they were, she too gave me a big hug. We talked for a good while and she continued into Wal-Mart.

Finally able to drive home, I realized that even more valuable than my bottom-line, was realizing in this world, there remain strangers that are genuinely good and I don’t feel as afraid to strike up the occasional conversation with another person.

Perhaps genuine and candid conversation with complete strangers should be celebrated more than  monetary success.

–Just sayin’


  1. An older lady down the street from me struck up a conversation with me when she saw me leaving my house with my baby daughter only a couple months old at the time. She told me too that she lost her grand baby. The details of how are very tragic and extremely painful for her as it would be for anyone.
    I read your post and when you wrote about the woman that lost hers, tears swelled up in eyes.

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    1. Loss of a child as a parent or grandparent is unimaginable. I have not personally experienced the pain, but I feel for those who have. When she was telling me about her recent loss, I struggled to hold it together myself.


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