Feeling Motivated :) :)


Perhaps it is just my time (or maybe I am loopy from a recent inability to sleep at night, or ever for that matter), but for whatever reason, I have more drive to begin working on a couple of writing projects that I have placed on the back burner than you can shake a stick at. I am very excited as I watch my characters develop with each chapter. I have also started a public Facebook page where I am going to be giving updates on these projects (but probably not many spoilers!) Please do follow me on it for even more frequent updates.

Anyhow, being new to the world of following through with writing projects, I look forward to learning more about editing and publishing options. If any of ya’ll have good insight or advice, by all means please feel free to post it in the comments sections because I am very open to gathering new information and ideas regarding the editing/publishing process.

Worry not, I will still be posting articles on this blog site too, albeit they probably won’t be anything brilliant but I try to keep them somewhat reflective, entertaining, and/or humorous.

That’s it for today, have a good one!!

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