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**”Rejected” Fundraising Anthology Announced–More Details Coming Soon!

**All New Starting Monday: “Forbidden” Character Interviews Coming to the Blog



Erin’s Releases: 

Synchronicity: Lila was normal. At least, she tried to be. Plagued by nightmares about the quiet, new guy in school, she struggles to focus on her senior year.

When Wesley reaches out to her, she discovers the life she had was never hers to lead.

As the only world she’s ever known shatters around her, she’s on the run, with a boy she hardly knows.

Is Wesley really the only person she can trust?

He has all the answers, but what are his true intentions? 



Menoetius: The second novel in award-winning author, Erin Crocker’s highly rated ‘Sync’ series.

Now in the captivity of Sullivan and the FDRA, Lila must negotiate her freedom, but at what cost?



Forbidden: Does evil lurk in Devil’s Creek, or are the residents of Paradise Grove manifesting a darkness far more sinister?

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