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Coming Soon: 

“Snowfall”– (Sci-fi) Description coming soon!





“The Forbidden”— (LGBTQ+ Romance/ Horror/Thriller) They migrated from Towne Greene to pursue freedom. As oppression lifted, a cloud of newfound liberation settled upon them when a sect of colonists began to explore ‘unnatural’ lifestyles after partaking the near-cerulean waters of a nearby creek. When those who dare speak against the church are banished, tensions collide. Does darkness lurk inside the waters of Devil’s Creek, or did the people of the town manifest an entity far more sinister? 

Out Now:

“Synchronicity” (Sci-Fi, Conspiracy, Suspense, Romance)

Lila was13895266_10205002250615654_5281874021623075882_n normal. At least, she tried to be. Plagued by nightmares about the quiet, new guy in school, she struggles to focus on her senior year. When Wesley reaches out to her, she discovers the life she had was never hers to lead. As the only world she’s ever known shatters around her, she’s on the run, with a boy she hardly knows. Is Wesley really the only person she can trust? He has all the answers, but what are his true intentions?

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“Menoetius”                     (Sci-Fi, Conspiracy, Suspense, Romance)


The second book in Erin’s highly-rated ‘Synchronicity Series’.

Now in the captivity of Sullivan and the FDRA, Lila must negotiate her freedom, but at what cost?

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cocky tails TO CURVES

Cocky-Tales” Anthology: “Cocky-Tales” is a peck-tacular limited-edition collaboration of authors and poets from various genres who have come together to #GETLOUD about maintaining creative expression. Boasting more variety than you can shake a stick at, “Cocky-Tales” aims to speak out against the dangerous precedent of copyrighting/trademarking a common word within a specific genre of writing.

Within the pages of “Cocky-Tales”, readers will experience representations from an assortment of genres including comedy/satire, paranormal, romance, drama, poetry, and much more.

“Cocky-Tales” hopes to express and advocate for creativity not only within its entertaining text but by donating 100% of net sales, electronic and print, to the Romance Writers of America’s (RWA) Advocacy Fund.

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